You can't buy happiness, but you can buy shawarma

Some of our Favorites!

Love the chicken shawarma dish, balanced flavors and amount of rice and meat. And mint candy gift

-S Inogomov


Not much to say here other than the food is incredible and so is the service. Everything they make is top notch. The food is fresh and the portions are generous. You can't go wrong. The wings are awesome.

-Robert C.


The food was sooooo good. Would literally die for it. It is the best halal food in the island. AMAZING FOOD LOVE IT PERFECT

-Shahd Q.


I’m from Yemen and we have one of the best shawarmas in the Middle East but the shawarma that this truck is the closest taste to the one to my country which is a 10/10 in America. I would honestly recommend it to anyone

-Little Moe

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Yafa Shawarma Food Truck
American Mediterranean Sandwiches Chicken Wraps
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